Overwatch: The Beginning and the Lingo

Is it your first time hearing (or reading) the awesomeness about Overwatch, well, would you mind if we ask you why? Well, maybe you just accidentally stumbled upon this game while you were searching for other multiplayer games or maybe you were not just aware at all. Whatever your reason is, the important part here is that finally, you have found out that an awesome multiplayer game called Overwatch exists. Are you ready to experience the greatness of Overwatch?

Overwatch: The Beginning

Overwatch is a multiplayer game that takes place in the year the 2070s, a futuristic time on Earth. Before this futuristic era, Omnic crisis happened. This is where robots have turned against the humanity that created them, developing into war. Eventually, an elite strike team was formed and fought against these robots to put an end to the war. The formation of the elite team marked the start of Overwatch that maintains peace on Earth for over two decades. However, the task force was destroyed because of corruption, leading to its dissolution.

Since its disbandment, the crisis is starting to rise. This means the world needed heroes to defend them against another Omnic crisis. Will you become the hero who will let peace prevail in our beloved Earth?

That was just the back story of Overwatch, and there is more of that when you have finally met the heroes. Everyone wants to become the hero that will save the Earth or the entire universe – and Overwatch gives you that chance. Well, some players may just focus on the gameplay but learning a little backstory about your hero character will never harm. Also, it could be a key to win more and more battles for you.

Learning Some Lingo – The Overwatch Way!

As a beginner, there is a lot to learn from this game. As a gamer, you may have been familiar with the language that is used and commonly heard in the gaming world. Some of these terms are universal or generally used and heard on various games, but some of them may have a different or opposite meaning here on Overwatch. To guide you more, here are some jargons or slangs used in this game:

  • GG – its original definition is “good game,” but in Overwatch, it means the team is going to lose and is “game over.” Usually, it is being said after the setup time of the match or the failed engagement.
  • The Point – this is a noun that refers to the place where the game will commence or will be fighting.
  • Salt – this refers to the players or player that is bitter or upset over their enemy or own team. The term “salty” would refer to the player that is already upset and is bad at complaining.
  • Peek – this calls for help for healing
  • Eyes, Vision _, Wallhack – this means that someone is cheating in the game.
  • Counter – a hero that owns or has another hero
  • Snipers – refers to characters Hanzo and Widowmaker

Death-room/death-gate – this refers to an area that is set up as a trap by the enemy Symmetra. Your character will probably die once you enter or step into this area.

Those are just some of the terms that are commonly used and heard in Overwatch. There are more unique terms that you can only find here in this game.

Which of these have you already heard or used?

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