Overwatch: A Story Guide to Soldier 76

Jack Morrison was born on a farm in Indiana. At 18, tired of the farm boy's life, Jack packed his bags to up and join the US military, who were recruiting in response to the omnic crisis.


Only intending to serve a short tour, Jack caught the eye of the upper brass for his bravery and skills. This earned him a place in the government’s secret soldier enhancement program. 


Through genetic reprogramming, the program turned Jack into a killing machine, granting him increased agility, speed, and strength.


Morrison developed a friendship with Gabriel Reyes, another enhanced super-soldier. The two of them eventually caught the eye of the United Nations, who were putting together the Overwatch task force.


The two were recruited, with Reyes being head of the team initially. After the war, Morrison was given the title of the first commander of the strike team, much to his dismay.


Under his leadership, Overwatch flourished. They were renowned around the world as a peacekeeping force, and they made staggering advancements in areas of science such as medical, biological, and genetic.


At some point, Overwatch’s Oslo facility came under attack by unknown forces. After launching an investigation, it was discovered that a prominent businessman called Bartalotti was responsible for the attack.


Soon after that, the Blackwatch facility in Rome was destroyed in another attack. It was known by now that the attacks came from terrorist organization Talon, with Bartalotti’s backing.


Soon a rift began to develop between Morrison and Blackwatch commander Reyes. Morrison wanted to open an official investigation into the attacks in conjunction with the Italian government. Reye’s thought that it was gone far past doing things by the book.


Ultimately, Morrison left the decision of what to do with Reyes. With this power, Reyes decided to launch an undercover operation to apprehend Bartalotti, infringing on Italy’s sovereignty in the process.


During the operation, Reyes executed Bartalotti and revealed the presence of Blackwatch to the public in the process. Morrison was furious, and a large rift began to grow between the two.


After this event, Morrison ordered the classified Overwatch mission to suppress the King’s Row uprising. Together with intel provided by Reyes, the mission was a success.


The downfall of Overwatch began and culminated when Reyes led an internal rebellion against Morrison’s leadership. The two dueled brutally, and in the end, destroyed the Overwatch Swiss Headquarters.


The two we’re thought dead in the explosion. However, both survived thanks to their genetic enhancements.


Five years later, Jack emerged as Soldier 76. He targeted a number of Overwatch facilities and shady organizations for attack, stealing tech as he went. He made sure never to kill during his assaults.


Regardless of having no body count, Soldier 76 became a target of an international manhunt.


Armed with his new technology, Soldier 76 was determined to hunt down those responsible for Overwatch’s downfall and expose the truth to the world. He began tracking Reaper during this time as well, aware that the mercenary was the man who was thought to have killed him.


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