Overwatch in Experimental Mode

Will this experimental mode changes the way how the Overwatch players view the game? Well, let’s all find out.

Thanks to Overwatch’s game director, Jeff Kaplan, and principal game designer, Michael Heiberg, we get the chance to experience the game full of surprises and twists. Experimental mode, or was previously called “experimental card,” is the newest game mode that allows the game developers to do a little tweak in the game and test out massive changes.

Why Did They Create This Game Mode?

What had prompted them to create this game mode? According to an interview with game director Jeff Kaplan, when they make balance changes, it needs to go through the Public Test Region or PTR. While it is still there, the team also needs to have these changes go through the console certification process for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. So, the process is long, about a week, but it doesn’t include deploying and testing. If those two were involved, it takes time.

Just like in changing the damage of McCree’s gun like for one point, it would take longer than what players have thought it would take. As for them, for their balancing standpoint, they want to at least live with those changes for quite some time before they move on to try the next wave of changes. So, in the end, the changes have been made almost bi-monthly. That is why it is a long process.

But if we would be asking the team of game developers about the top features they wanted for the game, they would be answering about the functionality that will enable them to change things immediately. Also, this feature should be more responsive to the game’s balance requests. Thus, this mode was created.

This game mode will become an arcade card that will change over time. This will change like for a week and will be replaced with another wave of changes. The first experimental mode change was released, and that is the Triple Damage.

Going Back to Basic but With a Twist

One of the twists that the experimental mode had brought is the Triple Damage. This mode had indeed gone back to the basics, but it comes with a bit of a twist. Instead of the 2-2-2 composition, it will be 1 tank, 2 support, and 3 damage team composition. The basic team composition before had ended up having more damage players in the queue than supports and tanks. This resulted to a long queue so, if this new team composition works, it will benefit all. The waiting time will be lesser, giving the players to play more.

The experimental mode doesn’t just end with there. Some of the heroes will be re-balanced. However, this said hero changes only pertain to the Triple Damage and other simple changes. Well, these simple changes will have a significant impact on prominent heroes such as Mei and Reinhardt, while other heroes will be buffed up.

Changes in the game are what this experimental mode aimed for. Unlike what is happening in PTR or Public Test Region, this new game mode is only made available for players on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation. These changes will allow every console player this unique opportunity to experience this mode before it goes live.

Until when can we expect these changes? Well, after this Triple Damage, the Overwatch team will be focusing on balance changes. For the past weeks, there have been balanced changes with several heroes. There is more to come and expect from this game mode.

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