Overwatch - Why Is Widowmaker Purple?

Overwatch - Why Is Widowmaker Purple?

Widowmaker is a character on the video game Overwatch who has been far-reaching in the community. She is a popular persona who is an impressive sniper. She shows patience and eliminates her targets one by one. Widowmaker is an incredibly versatile hero who gamers rush to play. Her appearance and edginess can’t be duplicated. There’s so much to learn about the game through her, and many have. She can take out an opponent within seconds of spotting the target. Yet, there is one outstanding question that seems to evade even the most experienced Overwatch player. Why is she purple? Her story is pretty wild.

A Defensive Player

Widowmaker’s role is one of defense. She is perfect for long range attack, and she does so with extreme accuracy. In addition, she also can use a grapple hook for climbing areas that many others cannot reach. Her prowess doesn’t stop there. Widowmaker also uses Infra-Sight to see through objects. This allows her and her teammates to spot their enemies before that team can spot them. There’s no question she is a fan favorite for a reason. She makes an impact as soon as she is on the screen.

A Tough Background

Widowmaker has a background that is quite complex. In her former life, she was a French ballerina who was married to an Overwatch agent. She was ultimately kidnapped by a terrorist organization that subjected her to a reconditioning program. Unknown to Overwatch, she was now conditioned to be an agent for the terrorists. She ended up killing her husband and ran back to the terrorist cell.

The reconditioning changed her physiology; it affected her from the inside out. Her heart rate is now beating so slow, that it caused her skin to change to a purple color. The medical procedure also caused her to be emotionally numb. She now feels nothing unless she is killing someone. After a kill, she goes back to being robot-like, a killing machine.

Widowmaker shows no signs of her old life. She feels no pain physically or emotionally, and she doesn’t have an remorse for killing her husband or anyone else for that matter. For this reason, she can be extraordinarily dangerous to those around her. She is willing to take on missions that are tough for many of the other characters. She’s a tough persona to handle but figuring out how she operates is part of the journey and part of the fun.

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