Overwatch Top 5 Damage Heroes

Overwatch’s meta has evolved drastically over the last three years, and players have continued to adapt to the seasonal changes. 


Heroes rise and fall, coming into popularity, and falling into obscurity. 


You have the three roles: Tanks, supports, and damage dealers, and at any given time each tiers meta looks drastically different. 


This article is going to focus on the damage dealing, gunslinging, headshot hitting heroes that many of us fast-paced players have come to love. 


As of 2019, here are the top five damage heroes for competitive Overwatch. These are simply my opinion, so if you disagree, I am sorry, they are also in no particular order. 


Number 5: Genji


Genji is my kind of character. He is sporadic, fast-paced, versatile, and has a big ass katana. What more could you want for a hero?


Genji makes this list on account of his damage output, his potential to chain abilities, and his versatilities. 


His unique movement mechanics allow Genji players to traverse the map with ease, setting up flanks or line of sights that otherwise would not be available. 


He requires some serious practice to master, but once you do, he is unbelievably rewarding to play with. 


Number 4: McCree


McCree was the hero keeping many players up at night after Overwatch’s initial release. Player's ability to flashbang opponents, then roll out of harm's way, reloading their revolver to blast your brains out is still burned fresh into my mind. Seriously what cowboy has flashbangs?


These days he has seen a bit of falloff and is not as strong as he once was. However, played right, McCree is still one of Overwatch’s most useful damage outputting heroes. 


He now occupies a mid-range attacking role, as opposed to his initial infinite range. Meaning you can expect up close and personal gunfights when gunslinging with this hero.


Number 3: Widowmaker


Of course, Widowmaker is on this list somewhere. The purple femme fatale has remained an iconic staple of Overwatch since its release. 


Her powerful sniper rifle when fully charged can dome enemy heads in one hit, so for the accurate marksman, this hero is your best friend. 


Her grapple allows her to reach difficult heights, and like Genji, she can root out some interesting lines of sight to make use of her long-range rifle.


Her mines can come in handy for defending your sniping nest or providing some sneaky area denial for your teammates. 


Number 2: Soldier 76


Soldier 76 plays like your stereotypical first-person shooter character, which is perfect for players who are new to the game. 


He has a fully automatic rifle and a rocket launcher. Effective and familiar weaponry, but nothing fancy. He isn’t the strongest on this list, but for the accessibility he brings to the game, he deserves the spot. 


His ultimate is pretty much just aimbot. You automatically lock onto enemies’ heads, so just click and you’ll get a kill. Nice and easy for inexperienced players. 


Number 1: Pharah


Finishing off this list is Pharah. The OG missile wielding Egyptian made waves with her ultimate when the game was first released, and that hasn’t really changed since then. 


She blows everything up. My kind of lady. Armed with a missile launcher primary and a jetpack, her ability to rain death upon her enemies is simply unparalleled. 


Combine this with the fact that her ultimate is a Tony Stark Jericho Missile style consortium of explosive destruction, and you have the makings of a truly great hero. 

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