Overwatch Replays

Are you one of those players who want to look back to your past games on Overwatch? Yes, you can do it now with the Replay feature. You might be asking about the things that you will love about this feature. Well, the Replay feature will enable you to look back at your past gaming experiences, but this time, you can replay it with a new perspective. You can get this feature from the PTR or the Public Test Realm of Overwatch.

The replays will enable you to look back to your matches previously from the vantage points. Whether you prefer the bird’s eye view, a third-person perspective, or a first-person perspective, this tool will enable you to view these replays according to your preferences.

Aside from that, by replaying your previous games, you can improve your strategies. This can be done by speeding up or slowing down the game. This will enable you to determine the intensity level of the scene where you played out. Aside from that, it will also enable you to watch the action on high without or with the UI.

This feature will benefit you if you are using your computer to play the popular video game, Overwatch. As we mentioned a while ago, you can get it at the PTR of Overwatch. But the good news is that it can also be used on consoles too soon.

Accessing the Replays

The replays of your previous matches can be viewed from the Player Profile, which is located beneath the tab for Replays. Upon clicking the Player Profile, you will be provided with more than 10 of your latest matches in different modes. But your Practice Range and Tutorial Range are excluded. Replays can be viewed with a patch duration. Similar to the Highlights, viewing your Replays can also be reset when there is a latest patch launched.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following are some of the shortcuts to Replay your matches using the keyboards of your computer. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading.

  • 1-9: Restoring of the camera bookmarks
  • (Ctrl+10) –(Ctrl+9): It will enable you to save your desired bookmarks
  • (Ctrl+L): It will provide you with the maps overlay
  • 0: Snap to the objective
  • F1-F12: It will enable you to spectate the players (it comes up with the corresponding list of the players in the media controls)
  • Left or Right Mouse Button: It will enable you to view your Replay on the free camera. This only means that you will detach your view from the third-person and the first-person perspective.
  • Ctrl+P: Toggle pause or play
  • Scroll Wheel Down: It will enable you to reduce the playback speed
  • Scroll Wheel Up: It allows you to increase the playback speed
  • Q and E: It allows you to move the camera upwards or downwards
  • W, A, S, and D: You can move the camera around using a plane
  • N: It will enable you to hide or show the controls

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