Overwatch Mei Guide

Congratulations, you’ve decided to play the best Overwatch girl, a true man (or woman), or culture.


Mei is one of Overwatch’s most beloved heroes, and it’s not hard to see why. Her cute and cheery ice-based design has melted the hearts of players worldwide.


Mei is a DPS hero. Don’t let this trick you though. Her role on a team is primarily as a defensive character.


Her kit is an excellent tool for punishing overly aggressive enemies or for denying enemy pushes.


The biggest downfall Mei has lies in her ability to do damage. Her primary source of damage is her weapons secondary fire mode. With it, Mei fires out an icicle that does excellent damage at short to medium range.


However, there is a delay from when you click to when the icicle fires, making it particularly challenging to line up shots with it.


She also has a high skill curve. Her ice wall can be as much a bane as a boon. You can trap or isolate your own team as easy as the enemy one, so you need to know when and where to use it.




  • Endothermic Blaster: A fast-firing stream of frost that slows enemies, deals damage, and can eventually freeze enemies in place. The weapon is actually made up of multiple linear projectiles with a wide hurt box that make up the stream.


Each projectile deals 2.25 damage and applies a 3.3% slowing effect. This effect does not apply to enemy jumping or rate of fire. After being hit with 30 projectiles, enemies are frozen in place for 1.5 seconds.


  • Icicle: We have already discussed Mei’s alternate mode of fire. It can be used very effectively in tandem with Mei’s primary fire mode. You can freeze enemies before headshoting them with an icicle for an easy kill. 


When not frozen, you need to make sure to lead your enemies. The icicle has a good hurtbox, but it can still be quite difficult to connect with it.


  • Cryo-Freeze: Mei freezes herself solid in a healing block of ice. While frozen, Mei heals for 37.5 hp for a duration of up to four seconds. She can exit this ice block at any time.


If she activates it in the air, then downward momentum is maintained. However, no other momentum can be applied to it. The cooldown begins after Mei thaws out and lasts 12 seconds. Mei can still be healed by some support heroes while frozen, making it a valuable tool.


  • Ice Wall: We have also discussed Mei’s ice wall already. When used, Mei erects a massive wall of ice that spans 3x8 meters. The ability has a range of 35 meters and a cooldown of 10 seconds.


The wall lasts 4.5 seconds and is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. It can trap, split, isolate, and counter with ease. It takes practice, but it can make the difference between victory and defeat.


Blizzard: Mei’s ultimate is an area of effect denial tool. The ability has a 10-meter radius. It creates a blizzard in the area that slows and damages enemies caught in it. It lasts for five seconds and deals 20 damage per

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