Overwatch League: Knowing More about the League and 2020 Updates

Before, the boundary between each player playing an online game is through their computer screens. Competing for face-to-face against other players was far impossible to happen during those days. Today, who would have thought that this type of game will now have a real-life competition? There is even a national league of teams being formed in various countries around the world. And the multiplayer game Overwatch had also formed leagues for the annual esports.

Knowing Overwatch League

The esports or electronic sports is like a special type of sports for video games or famous multiplayer games of today. Overwatch is one of those multiplayer games who raise the gameplay into the next level.

Overwatch League or OWL was founded in 2017. Their professional eSports league inaugural season was held in 2018 and held as a yearly competition. The league also follows the traditional sporting leagues. However, instead of having promotion and relegation like other esports do, OWL playoffs and regular season formats.  As professional players, each player is assured of receiving annual salary and benefits. Plus, if the team’s performance is superb, then the player will also earn a portion from the team’s winnings.

The league has 20 teams from different countries, and London Spitfire is currently the one holding the OWL champion title.

Overwatch League 2019 and 2020 League Updates

The regular season for this year started on February 14 and will run until August 25. Each team is showing its best to bring home this year’s prize of US$5 million. There are a couple of weeks before the season ended so anything could happen, and we cannot tell at this early who’s going to win this year’s finals. But whoever is the winner, they sure have superb skills and truly deserves bringing home the prize.

Since the OWL is nearing the final stage of this year’s season, it only means one thing; OWL 2020 is coming! The upcoming season is said to be the “season of homecomings.” Instead of having the matches in Los Angeles, it will be played at hometown of their avid fans. This will be a great avenue to highlight the talents of OWL players across the globe. 

According to their official website, because of the change of venue, from Atlantic and Pacific Divisions, it will be changed and become Atlantic and Pacific Conferences. These conferences will be divided into two divisions each, namely; Atlantic South and Atlantic North as well as Pacific East and Pacific West, respectively. There will be 52 homestand weekend events where each of the OWL team will be hosting two homestand events. There will be three added regular-season events that will be collectively hosted by teams per division.

From February to August next year, there will be 28 matches of the regular season and will be played on weekends. With regards to the playoffs tournament, instead of stages, there will be an All-Stars event during the midseason. Everyone can expect that next year’s season will bring together the best of the best teams for one great tournament. 

Who will be that incredible team that will stand out in the Grand Finals?

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