Overwatch Competitive Mode

Overwatch has done a fantastic job of pushing its way into the competitive first-person shooter Esports genre. It combined many distinct elements of other game types, such as the character-driven ability-based combat of MOBAs and added it to an FPS formula. 


What we get as a result is a unique gameplay experience that balances new mechanics and FPS ideas with the traditional hallmarks of the genre. 


It is this balance that shot Overwatch to the competitive heights that it has reached today.


Like many other Esports FPS games, Overwatch introduced a ranked play game mode (called competitive mode here.)


For those unfamiliar, ranked play is a matchmaking playlist that exists separate from a games standard match finder. It often uses different, more competitive rules, and a strict rotation of maps. 


It is for players who have sunk in the hours to have mastered the main game and are seeking to challenge themselves against the crème de la crème of the Overwatch crop. 


To play competitive mode in Overwatch, you need to be at least level 25. This acts as quality control for the players able to play in the playlist. 


The mode is quite similar to regular play, with escort, assault, and hybrid matches being played…albeit with slightly different rules.


If you are a newly ranked player, it’s not just the rule changes you need to look out for. Make sure you don’t leave a game early, as doing that loses you ranked points and earns you a time-out for your troubles. So when you’re getting battered, just grit your teeth and get through it. 


To receive your rank at first, you need to go through five placement matches with each of the three roles. 


Doing this has the game assign an SR – or skill rank – to you. This skill rank is separated by divisions (Bronze through Grand Master) and is represented numerically (one to 4000).


After each game you play you gain SR, or lose it, depending on your performance. 


So the playlist is not for the casual players at heart; if you are going into a ranked game then be prepared to sweat and be prepared to win. 


When you win you receive 10 competitive points and three for a tie. These points can be used to purchase specific cosmetic items, like the highly sought-after golden weapon skins. 


You also receive competitive points at the end of a season based on the rank you received, so make sure you stay grinding. 


As well at the points, at seasons end, you receive a number of other rewards based on your rank. All players who received a rank receive their corresponding player icon and spray, while higher-ranking division players receive special versions of these rewards.


Competitive mode is perfect for those who want to dip their toes into the waters of competitive Overwatch, without the hassle and commitment of finding a team. 


It serves as a great way to practice, and as a great confidence booster. So if you want to take the first step in your competitive career, I would advise you to start here. 

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