Overwatch April Fools' Day Game Mode

With the coming of April Fools’ Day, people are excited to play pranks. However, gamers have a special treat coming from Blizzard.


The company added some special features to Overwatch to celebrate the day. The following article explains what gamers have to deal with – from googly eyes to evil universes!


If you want to know, stick around and read everything!


The Joke Changes are Fun


Although some companies prefer to include fake announcements to fool their precious gamers on April Fools’, Blizzard has continuously chosen a different path. To make their Overwatch lovers have a fun day, they’ve included changes in the game.


Fun options include different skins that players can’t use on other occasions, eccentric cosmetics, and much more. From a hamster driving a robot to googly eyes, Overwatch is one of April Fool’s leaders!


Thus, when you get the patch from Blizzard, you can enjoy all sorts of fun options and new ways to play. It can change everything in your game experience!


The Googly Eye Aesthetic is Back On


Many people love the hamster driving the robot, but one of the all-time favorites is having googly eyes for the characters.


You have to admit that when you get chased by a dragon with googly eyes, it’s just hilarious.


Therefore, Overwatch allows you to have more fun than ever on April Fools’. All characters can have funny googly eyes – fans all over the world are happy to have them back!


Ana and Torb only have one googly eye, though. Make sure to check all the skins to see if you can find the secret way for them to have two!


Evil Universe? Got You Covered!


Blizzard’s April Fools’ joke with Overwatch is frequently a way for them to test new game modes. Thus, they recently offered a new version where everything becomes an evil universe completely different from what gamers usually experience.


In this universe, Mei is unstoppable (she’s a giant tank!), D.Va can crush everyone by dropping mech from the skies, and Sigma can fly! Besides, Hanzo’s arrows ricochet off the walls, and Doomfist can travel upward.


With all these changes, you can feel like you’re enjoying a different game!


Players Ask for More!


Thousands of gamers have joined the celebration and asked Blizzard for more. The media often explodes with the players’ fun reactions to the new skins and game modes.


For example, to celebrate the googly eyes’ comeback, Overwatch tweeted a fun eyes emoji, to which Blizzard responded with the same thing. After that, thousands of players promptly tweeted their characters’ gifs with funny eyes!


Even though the April Fools’ game mode doesn’t last forever, it certainly makes everything different. Besides, now you probably can’t wait for Overwatch 2 to come out!


To Wrap Up…


Overwatch has quickly become one of the most popular games out there, especially in April Fools’, where gamers can enjoy a different experience. If you want to try it out, make sure you get the patch and start having fun with googly eyes, evil universes, and more!

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