How to Utilize Tank Heroes During the Overwatch Game

Tank heroes are special allies in Overwatch with distinct features and responsibilities. They are capable of disrupting their enemies and safeguarding the team. They have high survivability, unlike other heroes. Furthermore, they can also protect themselves as well as their teammates by using shields and crowd control. Check out the following tank heroes that play a significant role on the battlefield.




D.Va is a former professional gamer and works as a mech pilot responsible for combatting a large omnic’s invasion. With the support of her twin Fusion Cannons, she can produce autofire at a short range. She can also use the Boosters to defeat enemies and barrel over obstacles. She can also utilize her projectile-dismantling Defense Matrix to control the attacks that might hit her.




Orisa is the guardian omnic who serves as the central anchor of her team. She is positioned in the front line and equipped with a protective barrier. She can attack her enemies from long range, use her graviton charges to slow them and launch her Supercharger to increase the damage output of her allies all at the same time.




Reinhardt is a wandering knight who strives to fight for justice. With his armor and hammer, he can lead a rocket-propelled charge in the battlefield to safeguard his teammates with an energy barrier.




Roadhog is an international criminal who was known as an unforgiving and destructive hero. With the use of his Chain Hook to pull his enemies closer to him before launching his Scrap Gun to shred them. He can also withstand damage and can quickly restore his health with a shorter breath.




Known as an intelligent scientist who is stronger beyond human limits, Winston has various inventions that he uses in the battle: a portable barrier projector, a jump pack, and an electricity-producing Tesla Cannon. All these items possess unique strengths that can help his squadmates.


Wrecking Ball


The remarkable resourcefulness of Wrecking Ball is also impressive. He can upgrade his mech to save himself against the damage out of the Junker-controlled Outback. He travels everywhere to seek a challenge.




Zarya is a former weightlifting athlete who decided to serve her country and people who need help. She has unique personal barriers that she can deploy to transform the incoming damage into energy for her Particle Cannon. She plays a significant role in the frontline of every battlefield.

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