How to Master Overwatch 10th Competitive Season

The 10th competitive season of Overwatch was released a few months ago, with ten new placement matches to undertake. The notion being placed every season scares some players. It is natural to wish to show development season-over-season that puts stress on gamers to carry out during matches.

But the reality is that a player’s placement match is not precisely what is going to propel him out of gold and in platinum or no matter what rank you are aiming for. Consistency in the gameplay will help you move past any obstacles you have encountered. If you feel you are stuck, then follow these things.

Never underestimate the benefit of being cool and relax always. You have to quit playing if you think that negatively starts creeping in. Take a break between fights and let yourself relax, most especially after a loss. There is no rush to get in your placement matches, and you are obsolete to your teammate if you are tilted.

Be a role model and help team members to have a positive outlook in the game. Complement them and be the guide most especially in the lower level. Your callouts do not have to be precise, and you do not need to have the best tactics, but a team which is working as one.

Overwatch is about good and positive communication. A team that works together often succeeds although the members are not skilled. Although you are not utilizing voice chat, utilize the communication wheel to aware your teammates once you need assistance. So, you have to determine when communication is pointless. Once your teammate is toxic, mute her or him. It is not worth stressing yourself with a constant barrage of a nuisance, even when some of the things he or she is saying are valuable. You can stay in voice chat; simply mute the toxic or bad teammate.

You should act as a leader, but being a leader, you must know when to listen. Most of the time, a low-rank team doesn’t have a leader. So, you should act as a leader, even if it is only for a while. A small amount of communication can help the team when to pull back or retreat and when to push.

On the other hand, you should be willing to listen to the idea of your teammates. Keep in mind that you are working as a team, ensure that you are not the toxics o pushy gamer which your teammate mutes.

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