How to Get Better in Overwatch

So you’ve been playing Overwatch casually for a while now. You think that you’ve gotten pretty good and are ready to take the next step into competitive play, and you want to know-how.


Or perhaps you already play competitively and need some tips on just how to get better. 


Either way, look no further. Here we are going to discuss some of the universal rules of thumb when it comes to excelling at competitive Esports. 


Bear in mind, to truly get good at Overwatch, or any game, you need to go through a grueling, painstaking process. It requires time, commitment, and patience. 


If you are dedicated enough to make the sacrifices needed, then have a look down below.


Practice, Practice, Practice


I’ll write it a fourth time, practice. This practice is the foundational cornerstone to improving at any game, Esports, or otherwise. It goes without saying that the more you play, the more you learn, and the better your skills become. 


When you know more about the game, then you can make better and quicker decisions that are often critical in your team’s success. 


Merely playing is not enough, though. You need to practice with purpose. 


So say, for instance, you need to become a better support player, then go into a game with that specific goal in mind. Pay attention to your weakness, and actively try to learn and improve them.


If you simply apply that methodology to your gameplay, then you can notice a vast improvement very quickly. 


Choose a Role, and Stick to It


Tank, Damage, Support.


Pick one, specialize, and stick to it if you can pick two specific heroes to main then even better. 


You have likely heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Well, that phrase is true for competitive Esports as well. If you want to truly get better, and fit in with the best of ranked play, then you need to master a role.


This way, you can dedicate your time to the nitty-gritty nuances of specific scenarios and heroes, and not flip-flop between required skills and mindsets. 


The simplest way for you to pick your role is just to play each type of class. Take three days, play one class for each day, and at the end, choose which one you enjoyed playing the most. 


It’s essential to choose which you enjoyed the most, even if it is not the one you found the most success with. Longevity is a part of getting better at Overwatch, and you won’t last long if you don’t enjoy what you’re playing. 


Be a Team Player


Overwatch is a team game, so be a team player. 


You need to play for the win, not the scoreboard. Often casual players get caught up in this mistake while transitioning to competitive play. 


While casual play is focused on just playing the best you can, competitive is about your team performing to its maximum potential, so make what sacrifices you need to, and ensure your team comes out on top, even at your own expense. 


Follow these guidelines, put in the hours, and there is no doubt that you can eventually see an improvement in your Overwatch performance.

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