Heroes Who Could Defeat Zarya: Who is the Best?

Zarya is versatile on the field, and many players agree to that. Zarya is an awesome tank that can counter other heroes such as Roadhog or Mei. Many players admire the great damage of this tank to her enemies.

Zarya also is a reliable hero on the field due to her barrier that prevents harm on the team. Yes, players who have Zarya on the field are confident they have the upper hand in Overwatch match.

Think again.

Heroes such as D.va may not match her, but other heroes would. Many players believe that Sombra is an excellent opponent for Zarya, but that’s not true.


Sombra’s Hack could block the tanks bubbles but not her beam. You would think that Sombra has the edge, but things are different in a 1vs1 situation.

Zarya would fight back at Sombra and use her beam to destroy the enemy.

What would you do now?

Don’t worry! Other heroes have the abilities and skills to defeat Zarya. These heroes are as follows:


When it comes to countering armored heroes and tanks, Reaper is one of the heroes you can choose. He inflicts serious damage to tanks such as Zarya and heals himself at the same time. Reaper uses the life-stealing ability to heal his wounds. Also, Hellfire Shotguns can hit tanks even in long distances.


Zarya has her beams, but Pharah can counter he long-range attacks. In most battles, Zarya would ignore your attack because she doesn’t have the significant skillset to kill Pharah. That’s good news for a team who have Pharah on their side.

Also, focus your aim on the w DPS and support heroes of your enemies. It’s best to attack Zarya if her barrier is cooldown. Players should still be careful because Zarya might attack.


Due to Bastion’s colossal damage output, he’s one of the best heroes to defeat Zarya. Bastion has a Sentry form that Zarya has no match to defeat.  But, players need to cautious, particularly if the Particle Barrier is available on the field.  Excellent moves pro players use is not to engage Zarya at the wrong time and poor location.


Okay, Zenyatta couldn’t kill Zarya in a1vs1 situation, but he has few tricks that would save your team from Zarya’s attacks.

Zenyatta has the Transcendence that blocks Zarya’s Graviton Surge completely. Players can still activate their ultimate even if they’re under the Graviton Surge.

Hence, you would save your team from any worse attacks and even death. Also, the Orb of Discord aids any DPS heroes when Zarya doesn’t use her barrier. Players can bait the barrier of Zarya by using her ability.

Zarya is a huge tank, but some awesome heroes are ready to fight and defeat her. You can choose any of the heroes mentioned above in any fight.

Who is the best among these heroes to counter Zarya?

It depends on your choice and skills. If a player is skilled and experienced, he or she can defeat Zarya using any hero we mentioned. Get ready to pick the best hero and defeat Zarya!

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