Guides in Using Doomfist in a Gameplay

If you are a beginner in Overwatch, you need to get familiar or learn how to play different heroes. You should also get to know its strengths and weaknesses as you might have the chance o play against other heroes.  And one of the heroes that you should learn to is Doomfist. And to help you familiarizing this hero, here are it follows.

Doomfist is Nigerian damage heroin, who is a close-combat fighter. He can take down its enemies with only his combos. Also, with his Rocket Punch, he can surely make an instant kill for a non-tank Hero as simple as banging them into the wall. His rising uppercut enables him to have security for the higher ground and creates excellent damage. Doomfist is healthy for up-close, but he also falls off in the mid to long-range for his injury. Except if he can be closed in the distance, for himself and his enemy.

Doomfist's primary weapon is his hand cannon. It has a short range of burst from his knuckles. It also has ammunition that can regenerate in a short time. Doomfist secondary weapon is a Rocket punch. This rocket punch can charge up to attack while Doomfist is getting forward to its enemies and knock them down. There will be additional damage once; the enemies hit the wall.

The Shift of Doomfist is a rising uppercut through this, and it can throw his enemies into the air. Additional ability of Doomfist is a Seismic Slam. It is an ability to like a ground-pounding leap that can pull its enemies nearby enemies forward to him. Doomfist's ultimate power is his meteor strike. He can leap into the sky and crashes down into the ground. Through that, it creates tremendous circular damage in the area.

Fighting using Doomfist is great against Bastion. He only needs to remain stationary and open to have a combo chain. Next is against Mercy, targeting her when she is in its low health. And it would be a great advantage to use Doomfist's Rocket Punch. Roadhog is a big target. By using Doomfist, you should use punches. Targeting Roadhog is ideal when in its slow speed, surely a combo range is a great use.

However, Doomfist is not good to use against Sombra. The hackability of Sombra is great in disabling any trick that Doomfist have. That leads to making him weak, and the option is to avoid Mercy entirely or flank your Rocket punch to have a quick victory. Another hero is Orisa. Her halt orbs can be drag out through the melee range, making Doomfist useless. Next is Pharah, the rocket booster of her makes her out of range in Doomfist hand.

Generally, by using Doomfist, he is also a great advantage to some heroes, but he can also be useless and easy to target by the others. So, you need to be careful in any way that you can do.

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