Easiest Heroes in Overwatch

Blizzard's Overwatch has become one of the most popular hero-based battle games. With unique characters in many different classes, you are spoiled for choice when deciding the hero that you want to choose as your champion. Some characters are more difficult to use than others, though all are effective, should learn how to use them properly. Although you may choose to change the character you use over time as you become more skilled, here are some of the easiest characters to use as a beginner to the Overwatch universe.


List of the Easiest Characters to Use in Overwatch


Overwatch is a game that is always changing, with new characters being added to the roster three times a year. As a result, heroes and their gameplay are ever evolving. Some characters are suited to the meta of the game and, as such, are much easier to use than the others. Here are some of the easiest characters to use in the game.




Junkrat is one of the most powerful characters in the game when it comes to home much damage he does. His grenades are especially deadly, and just randomly shooting them often lands a hit against one of the heroes on the other team. He can even make use of his mines to propel him to new heights and give him an added advantage over other players. Placing traps effectively can also make other heroes much less troublesome.


He is one of the most forgiving characters in the game, and while he is easy to use, he takes some time to master. You'll have to put in a lot of time to master his playstyle, but the fun you'll have along the way definitely makes it worth it.




Winston is a tank character, meaning that he is a lot harder to take down than other characters. Using a tank character means that you won't be punished if you make a mistake or two. He has a tesla cannon that makes disposing of other heroes easy, and he can couple this with a barrier that protects both him and his teammates. A new leap cooldown has been added to the character that allows him to do damage and quickly jump out to get healed.


On top of all the cool abilities, he is a giant ape. I mean, who doesn't want to cause carnage while running around as an indestructible ape.




Bastion is considered by most to be the easiest character to use in the game. In his sentry form, he is more than capable of wiping out an entire team on his own. His serious damage and mobility in his recon form make him one of the most effective characters in the game.


By standing behind shields supplied from other support characters, he can completely halt any progress of the enemy team. Use him in any situation to watch your enemies fall like flies.


The Bottom Line


Using any of these characters is very simple. You can get the hang of any of them after only a few games, helping your team to victory after victory. Soon you can be fully comfortable with them and be one of the best players out there.

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