Discipline Tracker for Season 2019 of Overwatch League

Together with the announcement of Season 2019 of Overwatch League, Blizzard also makes sure that added new features that will give players a life-like experience. They also want to create a harmonious community that will make everyone feel like it is a friendly competition. The organization launches a newly designed discipline tracker that is capable of tracking the infractions obtained by players due to showing bad behavior. Also shown on this tool is the punishment that they may also incur. Although the season will start on the 14th of February, there were already a few players who have been penalized as shown on the tracker.

Furthermore, the Overwatch League will also conduct reviews of each player’s behavior and background since they were picked up by teams. They must ensure that they meet the strict rules. Failure to do so will incur a disciplinary action equivalent to the severity and form of violation. Before the penalty is given to the player, the organization will first review the issue before handing down their decisions. The Overwatch League will also evaluate the infractions during the season so they can apply additional action when necessary.

The names of the current players of Overwatch League who are facing suspensions and penalties will not be listed whenever they decided to return to the league. On the other hand, those who are members of the Contenders are not subject to additional discipline if they join the league.

With this new rule in mind, we can say that Blizzard is trying to protect the Overwatch League’s reputation since it is on its success already. Therefore, the players' conduct is an essential matter that should also gain focus from the organization. The names of players who received fines and suspensions can also be viewed on broadcasts and personal streams.

There were a few of them who were penalized due to making racist remarks, and that attitude has broken the league rule. It is considered a negative behavior because Blizzard also makes sure that its gaming community is inclusive for all. Because the penalties were nor provided formally, they ensure to correct it on this season, and that is through the help of the discipline tracker. It is the best way for the Overwatch League to address some issues about the behavioral actions of its gamers, thus, creating a code of conduct that everyone should follow and practice.

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