Brigitte: An Effective and Useful Support

Playing computer games is great, isn’t it? Aside from meeting new friends across the world, it can also give you the chance of exploration and discoveries of new ideas that you can use in your life dealings.

Also, playing computer games can teach you how to test the characters that you mostly use in the game. It teaches you to be wiser and to be expectant of good quality and well-equipped character to use. However, if you still have a tough time searching for the best character, we are going to introduce you to Brigitte. Have you heard anything about her back then? Well, give that, here is the brief and detailed information you need.

Let us first know little things about this hero.

Brigitte is classified as a support in the game entitled Overwatch. The support works as the bodyguards and protectors of other allies against the enemies. Their main role is to protect every ally away from the threats of the enemies. Aside from that, Brigitte also works as an inspiration to the players and give them hope to do more and greater next time.

Here are her full abilities.

  • Inspire

This is an exciting and adorable ability that she has wherein whenever the enemies are coming closer to the allies, she simply makes her hair flail and helps them to get ready. This is also a chance for her to heal the allies even in just a minute.


  • Rocket Flail

Her second ability is Rocket Flail. Here, Brigitte’s melee weapon is being extended to its range and enables her to strike the enemies with a single swing. Take note that she can damage multiple enemies in a single swing. Isn’t it great? Moreover, her flail can extend 3 meters horizontally, and 2 meters at the opposite sides.


  • Repair Pack

For the third ability, she has the repair pack. This repair pack is like a simple pack that she can throw to her allies and eventually heal them. Also, when the healing pack is too much for the allies, it provides them with armor instead. This armor is a useful tool that they can use to fight without getting bruised, cut, or damaged by the enemies. It provides them with additional protection as they venture out of the battlespace.


  • Whip Shot

Another ability that Brigitte has is the Whip Shot. This ability allows her to throw and use her flail as a weapon. Then, once thrown to the enemies, this flail can knock them out easily. It can attack them easily without requiring your character to move closer to hit the enemies harder. Here, even from a distance, your character can already fight and do damages to them.


  • Barrier Shield

This may be the last ability that she has, and we can provide to you, but it has its own uniqueness and power to fight against the enemies in Overwatch. Here, Brigitte is allowed to release a frontal energy barrier, which she uses to absorb any amount of damage that she can use as an additional, yet it is limited.

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