Best Support Hero in Overwatch

Competitive Overwatch is made up of tactically composed teams of the game’s three roles. 


There is the damage sponging tank, the slaying power of the damage dealers, and the healing and utility of support heroes. 


All play a crucial part in a team's success, but none more so than support players. 


During the infamous 3-3 meta, support heroes were the primary factor in the tactical ability of the setup, so their importance cannot be overstated.


With this in mind, what is the best support hero you can play?


Well, each is unique, but as of 2019 the highest-ranked support character is as follows:




After experiencing a bit of a drop-off, Ana has emerged once again like a phoenix rising from the ashes, straight to the top of the meta.


Ana is a great all-round pick. She has a solid aim and excellent situational utility with her abilities. 


Being the first post-game DLC character released, it was only natural that Ana is extremely powerful. She is a badass, eyepatch-wearing sniper, and she just so happens to be Pharah's Mom. 


Ana is a strong secondary support pick. She can be both a great offensive sniper and a superb secondary healer. 


Ana's kit is as follows:


  • Biotic Rifle: Ana's primary weapon is her Biotic rifle. Like Widowmaker, her secondary fire mode aims down the rifle's scope. The weapon has a slow rate of fire, as you might expect, and boasts two abilities. When hit, teammates are healed, while enemies are damaged over time.


The weapon is decidedly powerful, so make sure you are making full use of it. 


  • Sleep Dart: The sleep dart is precisely what it says on the tin. Ana pulls out a dart gun and fires it, when hit enemies fall asleep for a few seconds, or until they take damage. The ability is particularly tricky to hit but makes up for this with the fact that you can hit a lot of heroes out of their ultimate, resulting in them losing all of their energy.


It does have a long cooldown, however, so make sure you take your time when lining up your shots. 


  • Biotic Grenade: This grenade is a simple yet highly effective weapon. When used on allies, it restores a portion of their health and increased their healing from all sources. When used on enemies, it stops them from healing altogether, making it a great counter to the likes of Roadhog. 


It's Ana's reliable go-to when she needs to take down enemies, allowing for great synergy combinations. 


  • Nano Boost: Nano Boost is a very unique ultimate. When used, Ana targets a single teammate to receive a ridiculously powerful buff. The buff boosts the selected teammate's damage output, health, and speed. So find your primary damage dealer, hit them with this, and watch them wreck the enemy team-up. 


So yeah, Ana's pretty strong. It's been a while since she has been at the top of the meta, but it's good to see her right back where she belongs. 

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