Beginner’s Pick: Best Overwatch Heroes

Overwatch players are everywhere, and they aim to win. From planning the best tactics for selecting the best heroes, players do their best to achieve their goals.  Each Overwatch hero has a unique quality and ability that makes the hero different and standout from other heroes.

A hero’s attack, ability, roles, and ultimately create a big change to the game. Pro Overwatch players know who the heroes to choose and put on the field are.

If you’re a new player, which heroes are you going to choose?

Well, beginners pick a hero that looks good and sounds good. But, heroes aren’t chosen base on good looks or if their names sounds excellent.

Heroes should help you develop and boost your playing style. Since heroes have different abilities, players need to choose the heroes that fit their preferred gameplay. Also, keep in mind the role you would take part in the team.

Do you want to be part of the offense or the support team?

Here are essential tips that would help beginners choose the best Overwatch heroes:

  • Choose Soldier 76 for Damage

For beginners, Solid 76 has awesome weapons, controls, and abilities.New players wouldn’t face difficulty in using the soldier’s controls. Also, Soldier 76 has a solid character that’s perfect for different gameplay levels.

  • Choose Roadhog for Tank Heroes

Okay, Roadhog’s Chain Hook isn’t that easy to use at first try. But, big health pool and shotgun-style cannon are easy to use. New players wouldn’t mind the Chain Hook because they can use the Hook in future games.

  • Select Mercy as Support Hero

With Mercy, players can give damage to enemies and heal allies.One special skill of Mercy is that she can resurrect the dead. But, be cautious of the Resurrection ability as it makes Mercy vulnerable to attacks for a while.

  • Avoid Zarya

Zarya is an excellent hero, but it takes some practice before beginners can use her shields. If you’re not using any weapon, you can’t do anything to help your team.

  • Don’t Use Ana and Zenyatta

Ana is one of the excellent and reliable healers in Overwatch. But, Ana requires a player to be accurate. Also, beginners would face a hard time using her abilities because it’s tricky. Zenyatta is vulnerable and requires an experienced player.

Overwatch heroes have different fighting roles and abilities, so new players need to use these well. You stick with the tips above if you don’t have any idea which hero you would choose.

New players need practice in playing other heroes such as Doomfist or Ana. But in time, players would learn to use these heroes well. Feel free to try other hero options that would fit your gaming style.

As a new player, you need to focus on your goals to defeat your enemies and win. Overwatch heroes are here to help players fight and become victorious. New players need to practice using one or two heroes, and they would develop an excellent playing style.  It’s not too late to become an Overwatch player! Anyone who has a passion for playing Overwatch is welcome to join and be part of a team.

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