Baptiste – the Gadget Healer Hero You Can’t Ignore

Every player or team needs a reliable support hero to win.

Why is that?

Players are under different gameplay concepts, and challenges are often overwhelming. These gaming concepts sometimes revolve around deploying gadgets.

Players need devices and gadgets to support their tea, and support heroes are here to offer new gaming options. Support heroes such as Baptiste – are here not only to support a team but level up the gameplay of the players.

Support heroes also appeal to other players who don’t play support often.

Since we’re talking about healing and support heroes, Baptiste is an awesome healer whom players need to have on the field.


Besides Brigitte, Baptiste has a crucial role as a support hero of a team.  Baptiste’s skills are similar to Lucio and Ana. If you want a reliable support hero, Baptiste is an awesome hero you need.

Baptiste’s Amazing Abilities

  • Regenerative Burst – Baptiste can heal him and other heroes in the field.
  • Amplification Matrix – A comrade’s healing powers will increase when any friendly projectiles pass through the matrix. For example, Ana’s healing dart doubles its healing powers when the dart comes in contact with the matrix.
  • Immortality Field – Baptiste uses this field around him and protects allies.
  • Exo Boosts – In this ability, Baptiste can jump high through crouching and jumping.
  • Biotic Launcher – This three-round burst gives damage to enemies and heals allies at the same time.

Overwatch has a large character roster, and most players resort tousing offensive players. But, Baptiste’s great abilities give players a boost to have the edge in an Overwatch competition. A healer’s abilities are effective if you consider the difficult challenges your team would face.

Baptiste Paired with Ana and Bastion

Overwatch heroes aren’t only supreme on the battlefield when they’re alone.

Don’t forget that support heroes such as Baptiste are paired with other heroes to make an awesome combo.

Let’s take Ana as an example:

Expert players think that Baptiste and Ana could be excellent partners in doing amazing combos. Ana can perform long-range combos that deal damage on enemies or heal allies.

Baptiste has an amplification matrix ability that Ana can use to deal damage or heal. If you think that’s cool, wait until you see Bastion and Baptiste perform a combo.

Bastion could be more dangerous when Baptiste uses his immortality field on him. Bastion gives a huge damage to opponents. Guess what if Baptiste uses Baptiste’s amplification matrix? Players can bet that the opposing team would be scared to advance on the field.

Baptiste isn’t your regular hero shooter. He always gives surprising feats that would make other teams step backward. Baptiste can work well with other heroes such as Brigitte or even Lucio. Bastion and Ana are good hero partners for Baptiste.

Who knows? There might be other strong heroes who can make excellent combos with Baptiste. Players await what other tactics Baptiste can do with other heroes on the field.  Hence, you can expect amazing combos in future games that lead your team to victory. Baptiste, the ultimate support hero, wouldn’t let you down.

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