A quick review of Overwatch

Overwatch is the fourth game that was released by one of the most popular publishing companies of online games, Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch is a multiplayer game that mainly focuses on teamwork. The game is composed of two teams that have six players to play in each team. Each player has to pick their specific character that is called "hero." There is a maximum of 30 heroes in the game. Heroes in the game are divided into three classes the Damage heroes Tank Heroes and Support heroes. Damage heroes are mostly the one that attacks and can maintain a damage defect caused by the enemies. Tank heroes are the heroes that can survive even with the severe damage. And lastly, the support heroes have a different role in the game because they have the healing ability to aid their teammates' damages.

In each team, the heroes cannot be used by two players at the same time, and at the same game, they should have a specific hero to use for playing. In the overwatch screen while playing, at the right side of the screen, the life of the player is shown to see and monitor how many lives they still have. On the right side of the screen, the abilities and weapons that are still available to use are shown, for the players to monitor the powers they can still use in the battle arena. During the game, each player can change their heroes, depending on their needs or depending on the role or position given to them by their teams. The Overwatch, as an esport, was inspired in the Earth's sixty years, and humankind had been into the golden age that science and technology were on its success. Omnic was the term used for the development of the robots that also had a lifestyle with humankind, but when Omnic Crisis began, where automated facilities produced a wild and hostile robot that attacked people and destroy lives. So, the Government made and assigned the special task force "Overwatch" to protect the Earth. Overwatch aims to protect people from hostile and wild robots that are killing and destroying people.

The Good thing about playing this game is that it is a fantasy-based game that visualized the Earth's future if technologies will not be used properly, to the point that it will be the reason that will destroy humankind.

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