A Look at the Future of Rainbow Six Siege

2020 marks the fourth year of Rainbow Six Siege. As we reflect on the past and present of the game, it’s impressive to see how well the developer, Ubisoft, has done in keeping the game alive and relevant. Each year, Ubisoft reveals some new plans about developments and fresh content for Rainbow Six Siege for the following year, and 2020 has been no exception. 2021 is Year Five for Rainbow Six Siege, and a new expansion is indeed on the way.


Rainbow Six Siege’s Fifth Year


Ubisoft has announced that the fifth year of Rainbow Six Siege should be the best yet and outlined that it intends for 2021 to be a ‘hybrid’ year for the franchise. In addition, Ubisoft has explained that it had an original vision or plan for the game and that it intends to finally realize these plans in 2021 and 2022. To achieve this, Ubisoft has put together a core team, largely made up of the same people who worked on Rainbow Six Siege before its initial launch.


This team is going to explore new styles and types of gameplay for the game, as well as ways it can help the game to finally reach its full potential. Each ‘season’ of Rainbow Six Siege so far has had certain events, like a story event and new guns or other content. For 2021, it doesn’t seem like Ubisoft is planning on introducing new maps or operators, which previous Rainbow Six Siege expansions have done. Instead, Ubisoft wants to focus on refining what the game already has, to create the ultimate experience for players.


Changes to Gameplay in 2021


One of the biggest changes that Year Five should bring is fundamental changes to certain elements of the gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege. A major introduction is a new reputation system. This system aims to reward players for playing well by giving certain perks, details, and group players, based on the reputation of the player. Another huge change is changing the way players can interact with gadgets. The new expansion should allow players to tag and target specific gadgets.


Another part of this change is going to be how players use drones. Soon, these changes are going to enable players to use drones to target the gadgets that they want to interact with. The prep phase of the game is also going to be altered so that it is more interactive and enjoyable for players.


The final major change is an increased importance of the narrative elements that the game has already introduced. Ubisoft has announced that it plans for each new season to build upon the characters and lore that already exists within the Rainbow Six Siege universe, to give the game a more emotional, narrative dimension. These changes should help players engage more emotionally with the game, making it more well-rounded and gripping. With these alterations on the way, the future of Rainbow Six Siege looks bright. At the very least, players can expect a game that is more complete, as well as more engaging.

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